MWM & Visit My Mosque Day

Building Community cohesion,  opening Morden Islamic Community Centre.

by Fareeda Bader, Sabah Sufi and Nuzha Ali

Sunday 18th February, Morden Islamic Community Centre ( MICC) opened its doors for the first time for ‘Visit My Mosque Day’, a national event facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) in which nearly 200 mosques participated across the country.

Giving members of the local community an engaging insight into the life of the mosque and to promote a greater understanding of the Islamic faith. MWM supported the event, and provided female volunteers and coordination on the day.

Attended by the Chief Executive of Merton Council, the leader of the council, the Mayor of Merton, other councillors, faith leaders and neighbours.

An exhibition on Islam was organised and included a display cabinet containing
one of the oldest handwritten Quran manuscripts, dating back over 600 years.  There was an opportunity to meet the Imam and chat to other Muslims, over tea and coffee and a selection of  delicious home baked cakes and savouries.

20180302_173347-COLLAGEMarsie Skeete, The Mayor of Merton felt that she gained a better understanding  about the community after visiting the Exhibition and has been able to see what the community has to offer in Merton. She said: “In Merton, its very diverse and the Muslim Community play a major role in what we do. We believe in peace, harmony and togetherness in Merton and that’s displayed here today as we have people of  all denominations representing this exhibition.” She thanked the Islamic community for inviting everyone for sharing their history and culture.

There was also an opportunity to watch live prayers in congregation. Guests
and their families were welcomed and introduced to activities such as calligraphy, colouring Islamic patterns and henna painting. It proved to be a very enjoyable afternoon with a great atmosphere of community engagement.

MICC is located at 116 London Road, Morden, SM4 5AX. Access to the mosque and community centre is open for all any time. Feel welcome to come to a  place of serenity, reflection, and PEACE, in the centre of Morden.  Speak with the Imam and  make new friends and let’s build bridges to understand each other better. (Website link for MICC)








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