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“Every positive change begins with the decision to take that step forward”

by Sabah Sufi


Women live longer than men in the UK, however for many those extra years are spent in poor health. In fact for some Black, Asian and ethnic minority women this could be upto 25-30 years of poor health. This is not inevitable there is alot we can do to change and shape our own health and wellbeing.

On 1st October, MWM, presented an afternoon of what those actions are- physical activity, diet, resilience, de-stressing, friendships, oral health, regular health screening, coupled with demos and mini health checks, taster massage and Reflexology on offer.

Our aim was to raise awareness of the health and wellbeing of women and the behaviours resulting in improved outcomes and healthier longer lives.

We hope that we influenced each attendee on her journey to make that behaviour change towards a healthier and happier self.

We would like to thank everyone involved in MWM “Your Health Matters!” event. It was great to meet everyone who attended on the day and we missed all those that could not attend. We were very pleased that The Mayor of Merton accepted our invitation and  participated by visiting the stalls, listening to opening address of our speakers’ presentations and meeting some of the volunteers.

We are grateful to all our volunteers, the speakers, the stall holders, Better Community Better Network (BCBN), Haute-Elan and Shapers (the prize sponsors), the healthcare agencies and most significantly all the attendees.

With thanks to @BCBNUK for selecting our event for their financial award and supporting MWM from the initial conception of the event. Without these resources we would not have been able to achieve the successful completion of this event.

Healthy Treats Competition and cash donations, we raised £180 for MacMillan Cancer Support Merton and they confirmed the money will go towards nurses working at the new Oncology Unit at St George’s Hospital in Tooting. We collected a further £230 for DEC Emergency Appeal for Rohingya Refugees (which is to be matched by UK Govt so its doubled up to £460).

We look forward to developing future community events. Please do not hesitate to contact us via info@muslimwomenmerton.com with your suggestions and comments.


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