Ramadan Appeal

by Sabah Sufi

The inspired words of the late Jo Cox – “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us” have become synonymous with bringing communities together all over the UK.

The Great get-together campaign this year, inspired a group of Muslim women to come together and start a charity drive, raise money together and compile Ramadan food packs and distribute during the middle weekends of June as part of this celebration of caring for one another in society, sharing the same values and being there for one another.
There was overwhelming response to the justgiving crowdfunding campaign
as over a £1000 was raised in 48 hours of the page being set up.
The goal was to make 200 packs but with the blessings of Ramadan we got huge discounts when buying items for packs and we are able to make over 400 packs for distribution to various homeless charities in London.
Muslim Women of Merton (MWM) distributed 190 packs at Lincolns Inn Fields on Sunday 11th June alongside the volunteers of Children of Adam and 70 packs were delivered to a charity in Croydon. Next weekend on Sunday 18th June we will again be distributing over 150 packs packs at Lincolns Inn Fields, a drop in centre in Merton and donating the remaining unused items at the “Food Relief” food bank in Morden,
One woman,  whilst distributing her own charity goods,  conveyed her delight with the message on our stickers saying” its very thoughtful and I love it how it says London Muslim Community so it includes all the Muslims in London.”
Yes!! I thought. That’s exactly right 🙂 as more than forty donors contributed from all over London.
I found,  whilst distributing the packs at Lincolns Inn Fields, that as people were being offered the ramadan iftari packs, they accepted them so courteously and said thanks with a smile and were glad to receive the snacks, keeping them for later.
The best feeling in the world .. being the reason for someone’s smile!!!
Distribution at Lincoln’s Inn Field on Sunday afternoon

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