Review of MWM @ Saverah Expo 2017

Written by Rohma Butt – Edited/Photos by Sabah Sufi

The Saverah Expo 2017, a Muslim female centric exhibition, celebrating female empowerment, entrepreneurship and excellence. It was held at the Intercontinental London-O2, which had a beautiful view of the Canary Wharf skyline from across the River Thames.

The Expo spanned the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July; hosting over 60 stalls, 3 live modest fashion shows, 6 seminars and much, much more. There were stalls from the likes of Artist of Makeup (founded by the Muslim YouTuber; Zukreat) to Agha Noor (a clothing brand from Pakistan). There many things to see and do, as well as take part in, like the business networking clinics and marriage events. The fashion show was also one of the highlights.


Women’s Health and Lifestyle Seminar

MWM hosted a seminar in the final slot on the first day of Saverah. The title : Women’s Health and Lifestyle, a fitting subject matter for women in the community. The seminar was set up by our Project Coordinator; Sabah Sufi and was led by our moderator of the day; Dr Sanam Mallick.


Dr Raisha Nurani, our resident MWM speaker, spoke about ‘The State of Our Health’, touching on alarming facts and data on the relationship between childhood obesity and lifestyle. Not only was the presentation factual, it was simple and easy to follow. Raisha really brought home the message of taking care of yourself and being a good role model to your children.

We were also very proud to have the amazingly talented speaker from Imperial College; Rahila Zakir. Rahila is a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreoretinal Surgeon, hence is highly qualified to speak about eye health and what it means. Appropriately named “Eyes, the window to the soul” and what not to miss’, Rahila focused on the huge importance of eye health, but also the signs to look out for when your vision may start to be slipping. Dare I say, this presentation was very eye-opening, especially since it warned the audience of the threat of diabetes in causing bad eyesight and even loss of sight.

All in all, the Saverah Expo 2017 was definitely an experience that must have helped people appreciate the work and ambition of Muslim women, and how we should keep on striving to become better and lead more fulfilling lives. If anyone did not have the chance to go this year, I would highly recommend going next year to have the experience of meeting ambitious women to inspire your own journey.

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